Hey guys!!! Ask me anything


Hey ask me anything!!! I’ve been Yoyoing for a while now and have amassed a good amount of knowledge about the hobby. I have tried many many yoyos so if ur looking for a reccomendation or an opinion just ask! Have fun!!


I see these ask.fms have been a growing trend. I also have one! And am happy to take any Qs you may have. Wether it be about me or my holsters or yoyos. And there’s another thread about this subject, in case you feel like asking a bunch of people random Qs :smiley:


I just got threadjacked


actually, I was just trying to bring up the fact that there was a thread created about this topic. And I figured adding other stuff would show I didn’t just roll m eyes and smirkily say “ugh, another tread about this”. Because I didn’t.