Yoyoexpert on ask.fm?

Hey everyone,

Does anyone else think that yoyoexpert getting an ask.fm account be a good idea?

This way you can ask questions about products, maintenance, releases and restocks, what pads will fit in what yoyo and all the stuff you would normally email yoyoexpert with, but with ask.fm you’ll be able to see other people’s questions and answers and maybe you’ll learn something or find the answer to your own question. Other yoyo companies have already started using ask.fm and their feed is blowing up. I feel like it helps the community get a taste of what goes on on the inside of big companies.

Let me know what you guys think!

It would be a great idea! I’ve been wanting one for a while now.

Could work, but I mean the help/recommendations works pretty well, and you can ask about restocks in the Restocks subforum. This also goes for released and etc… I think it’s fine as it is right now


Isn’t that one of the functions of this site?
Why dilute things?

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Got a question? Shoot.

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How did Andre get the power of side burns and Dark Magic? :wink: He’s my favorite!

it would be kinda cool if they had on but not really a nessescity

These powers just come naturally to Andre. Fun fact, he was actually born with sideburns and his first words were Dark Magic.


mmmhmmm…, well, I heard he came out of the womb banishing pentagrams, invoking the tria prima, and was conceived by the elements.