Bored... AMA about yoyos! ( Thread)

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Feel free to post your link here as well!


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Ask away from yoyos to personal.


I pretty much answer everything, so there is some strange stuff in there, along with me being childish.



whenever I click it it gives me a 404




Also on a side note, I found Nardcopter’s the most interesting to read through :stuck_out_tongue:


Boy, really shows you the true side of some people… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yup. It’s crazy to see how people act outside of yye’s rules


You were the one that asked me if I could play 2112 weren’t you?  I spotted the logo in your sig!  I have a 2112 shirt!


Hey, I’m still an immature kid, I’ll admit that. I’m 13 haha, but yeah I try to keep it on my more responsible side one here, as all of you guys are not fellow immature 13 year old kids. I promise that side of me will stay at my school/neighborhood. I promise I will be mature and trustworthy and everything with you guys. Don’t you worry. In fact, I almost feel more aged and mature whenever I pick up a yoyo.


Yea man some of the stuff you say on ask is off the charts but I find it pretty entertaining!


Lol yeah. Maybe I should remove the answers including the “R” word for the sake of you guys…


Whatever suits ya.


I took out a few that were excessive.


Imagine when Nardcopter attempts to get a job or go to college and they see his Ask. fm. GG bro. :smiley:

It was really hilarious, but I think the one about “Gassing people” could be considered really offensive to some, if not most. It is pretty interesting to see how people act outside the bounds of YYE’s walls.


Inside joke, but I’ll remove it. It’s from this YouTube video me and my friend used to love. Good call. And I will not be keeping that stuff for my college applications haha considering I go to college (lol jk) anyway thanks for the heads up I did not realize :stuck_out_tongue:


No problem, I know you didn’t mean any offense. You are really hilarious. That was great entertainment, reading your thread. I like the response to the question written in Chinese. ;D