GN Yoyo Co

I have opened up a GN Yoyo Co for those of you who have questions for us.

So far, this has been a big hit. Thanks everyone for your questions. Keep them coming.

So far, this is going well. Keep them coming.

Who asked about where Unicorns go to die?



Why do you keep bumping this with no changes? This isn’t a BST…

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Perhaps so people will be able to see the link so they can post questions for him to answer. The link is still actively being used.

Well I don’t exactly agree with this method That is probably why.

I bump it for the exact reason you mentioned. Whenever it leaves the first page, I completely stop getting questions.

Thought so. that makes sense!

Well maybe that should give you a clue about how important it really is to people.


Please do not bump your post more then once a week - and rather then ‘bumping’ I would recommend maybe trying to encourage people to post in a more intelligent way. The general forum is for a place to discuss yo-yo topics. Bumping a thread like this is pretty much ‘spamming’ the forum.

Andre is the law


Will do Andre :smiley: