Jason Lee figure 8

Can someone please make me a tutorial for this trick. I’ve watched the YouTube video of him doing it 100 times and I just can’t get it. A tutorial would be greatly appreciated.


This one is a definite toughie, I’m going to try to explain as best as I can without video.

(This is assuming you’re right handed.)

  1. Go into a 1.5
  2. Curl in your TH pointer so that the top string falls off (similar to a branding.)
  3. Curl in your NTH pointer in the same fashion.
  4. (The hardest part, it’s harder to do it when not in motion, because the string will make a bearing wrap, or reject.) Spin the yo-yo in a full circle from left to right on the inside of your arms. (It’s important to keep the whole structure close to the inside of your arm, so it doesn’t reject.)
  5. Do the same as step four (having your fingers still curled makes it easier) but on the outside.
  6. You should be back in a 1.5, so just repeat steps 2-5
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i wouldnt mind practicing this trick except when i mess it up, it twists the hell out of my string.

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This helped me a lot thanks!!! I can do the trick slow now I just have to get the speed down. Thanks again

Thanks for this. I was having the same problem. I was able to pick this up within the hour using this, though.

yeah this step by step was amazing thanks again!!!

just keep everything tight and try not to swing the yoyo too far back, as that is when you will get a rejection

Here you go


I was gonna say, “Check out this video.”

Lol, thanks!

For the record, this one was done as a request, so PM me if you have a trick you’ve been trying to learn off a video, I can see if I can figure it out, and make a tutorial out of it. I"m almost running out of original material to tutorialorize anyway, lol.