Figure 8

So I really love this move that Jason Lee does. Ive been throwing for a few months and this seems like a trick that I could take on but so far searches here and online haven’t really provided a good step by step, at least not basic enough for one of my skill level. Anyone here think they could either make a tutorial or point me in the direction of a good one? I’d really love to learn this move.

Try this
1.5 mt
Turn fingers inwards and spin the yoyo in a full circle clockwise
Then use the momentum and keep going clockwise just turn your fingers back out.

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Make sure to keep your hands close together when you’re first learning it. If you have them far apart and don’t know how to do it quite right the string will reject.

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When spinning the yoyo around remember that it goes behind both of your arms, then in front of them. It’s kind of a weird pattern at first but once you get used to it it’s super easy. Good Luck!

Hmmm, still not quite figuring it out. This trick might be beyond my current skill level. Its alright though, ill keep practicing and eventually it’ll come to me.