Japanese yoyo s with English engravings


Good morning yoyo peeps ,
I bought 3 throws this week directly from Japan , And I couldn’t help but wounder why the English engravings ? I think having a couple of high quality throws with different languages engraved on them would be a great ad on to my collection . Anyone know of any high ends engraved in a language other then English ?


Show us some pics


just ordered , still on the way , no need for pics , I ordered a doublejoker(new) ans 2 Messiah s .

the web sites I ordered from were in Japanese , I had. to use google chrome to translate


I had a yoyo I got at worlds once, I think the brand was speedteam. It was one of my best yoyos to date. It was way undersized, but had a great catch xone and was extremely fast, yet stable. It isnt high end though, like 15$ probably.


I recently got a Sleipnir and a Dreadnought. The decorations were in English. I think it’s to give a broader market appeal is why the Japanese brands decorate with English.

The Sleipnir came from a Japanese store many of us have heard of and probably some of us have bought from.
The Dreadnought(68 gram version) came directly from YYR. Fortunately, their web site has an English option. I will warn that the currency conversion through Paypal kinda sucks though and ended up costing me $5 extra dollars since they were using out of date information.

If I like the yoyo, it doesn’t really matter how it’s decorated. I will admit there’s a few yoyos I did not buy due to the fact I couldn’t stand the decoration on it. So much so I couldn’t even want to try one out.


I know this is going off topic , but how do you like your YYR 's , the Messiah is gonna be my first one and I’m excited to try it . All and All do you think YYR is worth the high prices ?


The Messiah is great! I feel YYR’ s prices are justified, and once you play one, I think you’ll feel the same way. Plus, with a bit of looking, you can get most YYR models for less than $100 (The exception is the Draupnir). I’m really loving Takahiro Iizuka’s designs, the Messiah is one of my favorites, and the Six is growing on me. In my opinion, the Messiah is one of the best undersized throws you can find, so I feel that it’s money well spent. You’ll love it, I assure you.

Edit: I just wanted that YYR is add addictive, once you get one, you can’t stop there. So be prepared.


English, or at least Roman lettering, is fairly common in Japan. Reading/writing English is widely taught in Japanese schools, so most people there can read it, even if they aren’t close to fluent speakers. A lot of companies that do international business have Roman letter logos (i.e. Honda, Sony, Nintendo, etc). Several of the pro sports teams have English names or English in their logos as well. So I don’t think it’s really unusual for a Japanese company to use simple English words/phrases on their products.

A lot of Chinese yoyos have Chinese engravings. I’m not aware of any sold on YYE (though I may have missed something glancing through the site), but it shouldn’t be too hard to find a yoyo with Chinese engravings or printing on it. SPYY made a yoyo called the Ronin that had “Ronin” engraved in Japanese kanji, though the company was Canadian, so I’m not sure if that would interest you.


The above poster is correct to point out that most Japanese have a cursory understanding of English that exceeds most American’s understanding of Japanese. The Japanese market is full of products with English phrases on them that do not make any sense at all. Just having the english phrases seem to make it appealing to the domestic Japanese market.

Also, Japanese manufacturers sell their products throughout Asia, to much larger non-Japanese populations who might not have the best view of Japan due to historic conflicts. Covering their yo-yo’s with Japanese characters might not have the same neutral-appeal that the English will in places like Korea and China. That is just a guess though.

My Top-Yo Jian has Chinese on it.


I really enjoy my Sleipnir. The Sleipnir literally feels like it wants to spin forever. The 68 Gram dreadnought feels good in play but the metal feels strange. It seems to be too light feeling. However, in play, it doesn’t matter, it’s an over-sized beast!