Japan Nat's 2009

What are your expectations?
Post em all!

(Philippines is neighbor with Japan ;D, but no fare to go and watch my favorite players esp. Ryosuke Iwasawa!, The Laceration god!)


I expect that…

Mickey will show & perform same tricks all over again but put some variations on it. (I think 10% are only new).


I’m so sure that I’m one of the person will saw JN’09 ;D
Because I subscribe to “yama18yoyo” and “meli09” in YouTube.


I think that Mickey will actually make new tricks and use the new tricks. I’m pretty sure that he is making new slanted tricks, you can see some that you didn’t see in the worlds 2008 in Hiroyuki S. Episode 1.

I’m pretty sure that Yuuki will be doing something that none of us would never guess.

I’m sure that Ando will be doing rolls, flips and somersaults with the yoyo going around his body, and everyone will be amazed, and he will get 2nd place after Mickey.

This year will be an interesting Japan Nats for sure.

I actually would not be surprised if Mickey doesn’t compete actually.

Many players like saving there new tricks for bigger contest like Worlds.
So there is a chance that Mickey will do the same.

I cant wait to see who takes 1A though.

I think if Masataka Ichimori can land all of his trick perfectly, he has a good chance.
He just gets quite nervous on stage.

I really want to see who will take 2A though!
That could really get interesting.

We will see!


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Theres a new god in town:


Logan is a beast…

Sooooooo agreed, that kid is awsome. Can’t wait to see ya tommorow Logan!

lol I wouldn’t be surprised if Mickey uses a Hip Hop song, and his speedmaker. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Mickey doens’t turn up, like Jayyo said ???