Janos Karancz Combo

Hey guys. I’m trying to learn one of Janos Karancz’s combos. It’s the first one that he does in the World Yoyo Contest. He has a whip, some slacks, and a couple of nice transitions, but I can do none of them.??? Please give a tutorial or any tips. Thx. :slight_smile:

Azznboyaz has one on his YouTube channel, it doesn’t have the slack twirling part but that part is pretty easy to learn the concept to anyways. It is a great tutorial and you should check it out.

I Haven’t seen any tutorials but in this video he does all his world tricks/combos at a better angle.

He had a tutorial for one trick that I found but it’s not the one you’re looking for sadly. Hope it helps.

Normally, I wouldn’t watch a yoyo video over three minutes. But, THIS WAS AWESOME!!! :o :o This is definitely my new favorite yoyo video.

I think there is a whole other thread on this exact trick


Here is also a slowed down version of the trick I think you are looking for made by DRN