Janos Karancz combo help

His combo that starts at 0:36 and ends at 0:45. i have been at it all day and have gotten no where the only part i cannot figure out is when he throws those two slack loops around the yoyo and he ends up in somewhat of a pseudo Eiffel tower. I follow along exactly and i just end up in a tangled heap. If there is anyone with a more visual brain than me could offer some advice i would be grateful.

Okay, the problem we have here, is that no one even tried to decode that trick yet.
I start learning it right now so hang on. It would be nice if you can tell me any tips for the trick you have so far.

well i skip the short laceration trick he does because he just dismounts it right away any ways but after he gets the slack loop on his non throwhand thumb he does sort of a double or nothing but he misses it and lets it fall through instead of landing it. as far as the two loops he tosses around. you got me, i do exactly as he does but it just doesn’t work i just end up in a random GT

Okay, I made a slow mo version of it so you can use it too. I don’t know if it would
do any good but I hope it will.

And I believe it will thanks man