jensen kimmitt triangle trick

does anyone know tis trick?


That’s a 360 degree red triangle suicide drop caught behind the back.

There’s already a thread about it:,42671.msg408653/topicseen.html#msg408653

THANK YOU!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I FINALLY KNOW NOW

How about 1:14 to 1:16? D: I’ve been wanting to learn this forever…

To the guy above ^^^^^

It’s a whip combo based on something called Follow. Looks like he doing some simple lacerations, intercepting them with his other arm, then finally hitting the loop over to finish in something like an iron whip.

That may or may not help. XD But hope it does.

Love how Jensen is yo-ing to the Gorillaz, great choice of music.

he is my favourite yoyoer

ennyone know how he ends the laceration combo? someone said something about the iron whip, but how to get into it from lacerations?

are there any tutorials for this trick?

Pop the yoyo up and do a wrist whip motion. Pinch with your TH thumb and hit the slack with your NTH to reverse the direction and let the slack fall in the gap. It takes a bit of practice but you’ll get it down. That’s just the end of the combo.

To start the combo do a follow. Then hit the slack with your NTH to reverse the direction and do a double laceration, but make sure you are catching the slack. After catching the slack you should have the same pinch you would use for follow but don’t do follow. Hit the slack with your NTH to make it go over your TH counter clockwise, then hit it again to reverse the whip and perform another double laceration where you catch the slack. Then do the last move described in the first paragraph.

Hope this helps. It’s going to be really hard to learn if you don’t already know how to do whip combos.

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thanks! i am ok at whip combos, but this helps alot! didn’t get the doubble lacerations (didnt see how to catch) but everything else is good. i’ve made my own little combo if you wil try: (old before i learnt this) start doing a paul han laceration, do cross handed trapeze laceration and do the paul han laceration twice. then you do a follow. (i use tripple) then you cach the string and do a brent stole. pop out and do hidemes hook. bind! :wink: (think i posted this at wrong place :P)

I have what I like to think is a decent whip combo in this video. Just skip to the end.

As for the laceration thing. Maybe laceration was the wrong term. Try a double wrist whip, but instead of the slack going around your wrist let it go around your hand and pinch with your TH thumb.

Hey Alex, I have a question about that follow combo in your video.
Every now and then, you are doing this weird twirling motion with the slack like a normal follow, and I just don’t get it. It’s at around the 48 second mark. Your kind of turning your hand around and twirling the slack. Explain?

Thanks man.

It’s in this video. Number 8, turnover Whips:

Pretty much just start to do a wrist whip. When the slack is up in the air flip your wrist around and try to catch it with your thumb and pinch. Stop the slack with your NTH or it will fall into the gap (unless that’s what you want it to do)

It’s one of those tricks that’s kinda hard to understand at first but once you get it it’s super easy. It’s also really useful because you can start a whip combo straight from a throw and it looks really flashy.

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I’ve always thought of whips as a very arcane art.

Due to that assumption, I’ve always used this video to search for inspiration in my whips.

When you do a turnover whip, is the slack supposed to wrap around your throw hand, or swing freely?

Thanks for the response, Alex!

I’m not entirely sure what you mean. Are you supposed to have an extra wrap of slack around your TH? Nope. Once you do a turnover whip you should just have a pinch on your thumb exactly like if you were doing follow. It does wrap around your TH when you do the fancy wrist movement, but this is what allows you to do the pinch at the end.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help this time. I didn’t really understand the question. But like I said earlier. This trick is pretty hard to understand at first. Just keep watching it in the videos and eventually it will click and become super easy.

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Thanks a lot bro!

And my phrasing was a little cryptic… what I meant was how the slack loop wraps around your whole hand, kinda like what guy wright does in some of his follow combos, or like at the 16 second mark in the video TEamPownage posted.
I’m gonna look some tutorials for turnover whips up right now. Thanks again, because I know you have some amazing slack tricks, and hearing from you too me is pretty authoritative.

I get it now.

No the slack does not wrap around your hand like that. However, that is a really cool and important element to learn if you want to master the art of whips. It is also part of my whip combo at the video I posted earlier, though it may be a bit harder to notice since it’s a bit faster.

I don’t think you will find many tutorials on turnover whips. Alexis used to have a tutorial that started with a turnover whip and gave you a lot cool and useful angles. But it was an older one so he took it down. Instead of trying to get the slack to wrap around your hand, try to get it to flip. That’s really all the advice I have and it hope it helps.

Also thanks! I didn’t know people thought my slacks were cool! ;D

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Thanks again!
And I feel really stupid now because I met Alexis at NER, and could’ve asked him about this stuff.
And yeah, your slack is awesome dude, way better than mine.

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