what trick is jensen doing?


The trick i wanna know is at about 35 seconds


a 35 second long trick or he does the trick 35 seconds through the video? If its 35 seconds through the video, i believe it is just some cool whip combo he made up. I dont know. Everyone wants to know his tricks.

(Joshhh) #3

if you mean when he has the slack following his hand around the yoyo multiple times, its just an iron whip i believe, but hes pinching the string with his hand so he can just keep it going, then eventually whip the yoyo. i’ll look around for a tutorial of this sort of thing for you ;D


I think he is talking about the whip to double or nothing. I can do it, but its pretty hard to explain.

If I have time, I’ll make a tutorial later today.

(Joshhh) #5

you mean this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtsIrkfViOg


or this?


I don’t know what that trick is, but who knows the trick he does at 1:38?

(Joshhh) #8

i honestly want to learn tht also. it seems like a GT wrapped around his finger after but it doesnt. its really cool looking.