Jammies (Kendama)

Getting the tama on the spike just clicked for me, so here’s a slapped together video showing off what I’ve been up to.

"Just clicked’. Tee hee!

Thanks for sharing. Gotta get me one of dem…

Sick. You were working those knees like a boss.

What are you waiting for?!?!

I’ve never tried a black tama, Patrick, but hitting that hole has got to be difficult with the lack of color contrast. Love the editing. Very cool.

The Tk-16 actually uses a bright wood, so the contrast is alright. I just ordered a kendama with a darker cherry tama, so I chose yellow paint for better contrast.

That sounds tasty.

Sounds pretty… got a picture?

This is the one I’m using right now

I ordered a Kendama USA Pro Model, and I got yellow and orange string.

I shouldn’t have watched this. I’ve got an Ozora in the mail, and I’ve just made myself more anxious to get it…
Anyways, nice video. I especially liked that thing where you spun the cup on your finger.

I’ve got a TK16 coming on Wednesday it Thursday.