Kendama Collection? How's Yours Coming Along?


Anybody like Kendama that much that they bought more than one? I have 3:

Sweets Kendama Black Stained

Sweets Kendama Black/Green Marble Matte

And a KendamaUSA Pill.

What’s in your collection?

  1. green TK16
  2. custom pink/black/orange sweets matte marble
  3. custom purple/orange sweets fade
  4. natty voodama doll
  5. the captain


I just got hooked a month or so ago. So far I’be got;
1 - blue Sweets aTack
2 - translucent yellow Tribute
3 - red Ozora
4 - green Sunrise (newer one with the tougher paint)
5 - purple 2012 Play should arrive today


Yomega Kendama

Only played with it for two days, and the paint is already beat up as heck ;D


Blue Ozora
Magenta Sunrise Performer
Alex Smith (yellow) 2013 Pro Model
Lemon-Lime Terra Ozora
Ice Blue Terra Krom (en route)

And a Cherry Terra Pill

(2Sick Joey) #6

Here’s my small Kendama collection. What’s funny is I had no desire to even touch a Kendama and personally thought it was just a dumb fad yoyoers were hyping. Before a few weeks ago I never touched one and now I have three. This is a fun skilltoy. Very challenging and hard to land the simplest things but when you do land a trick it’s very rewarding.

Pictures of your guys collections would make this thread so much more enjoyable to look at!


Wow, yomagic! What’s that really nice one in the middle?

(2Sick Joey) #8

The one in the middle is a sweets ken with a tama of a Kendama master artist cheetah tama. The cheetah pattern is like a stained wood look and it’s amazing looking.


Isn’t the one in the middle a tribute ken? I thought they were the only kens with the metal deal that goes right through the middle of it…

(2Sick Joey) #10

Sorry haha yeah meant to put tribute. Have no clue why I typed sweets


Haha! That happens! I was just very confused when you had said it was sweets. I wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed something!

(2Sick Joey) #12

Loving Kendama right now!


Got my new kendama. I’ll be posting the pic of my collection in a bit. :slight_smile:


Here they are. ;D


That is an awesome collection!! The purple Krom is absolutely beautiful!


Thank you! It is actually my favorite kendama and I don’t play with it. How ironic, isn’t it? :slight_smile:


i don’t know if you guys want to see my collection,
it might stopping you of collect more kendamas :stuck_out_tongue:


Do it!


Here we go, because Grolk ask for it.
and there are still missing kendamas in this picture that are standing somewere els in the house,
i made this room last month to stall the whole collection like this.

the collection is 300+, build up in 4 years

enjoy the picture


^ I suppose this is how people feel when they see a yoyo collection and they don’t actually yoyo. Now I understand. >.<"


You seriously have the nicest collection!