JamesThrows101 is a scammer

This is my fisrt trade on here and my first scam on here so i am afraid to trade now on here, now onto the details. I won a duncan momentum at MER and i wanted to trade it because i didn’t like it that much i put it up on my BST, and i got a message saying he had a protostar he would tradee me i said could you add some things. to make a long story short we agreed on my momentum for his popstar protostar grind machine and a OD Dingo, he has trades on youtube so i was told i had to send first do i did, he said he never got it three weeks after i sent it he said he got it and would ship out next day a week later he told me that he never got it he thought that he had got it but it was a golf polo, when i contacted yoyoexpert they gave me a phone number to the adress i sent it to, it was his grandparents house and they said he got a red yoyo in the mail while he was there(the color of my momentum) i got his parents phone number but i just wanted to let you know the situation so dont trade with him!


Never heard of the guy but if I see the name I would definitely think twice about trading with him…
And if I were in your situation, I would be calling his parents too to try and get everything resolved!

Best of luck to you!! :wink: