jakekoffer might be a scammer!

so he said we would trade 10 strings. so i sent mine and when he got it he wrote a review. 4 weeks later (now) i still dont have any string from him!

just pm him or andre

Isn’t there a post at the b/s/t section that says yoyoexpert is not responsible for those, a, scammers or something like metal man’s situation?
You could pm him.
If you know his phone no. or cellphone no you could try to contact him.

Yeah don’t bring Andre in to this. It’s not his problem. pm him and tell him that if he doesn’t send your string. There is nothing worst that letting everyone know he is a scammer. (if its true) Have you tried to contact him? Maybe it got lost in the mail. It happens. Try to give him the benefit of a doubt. If nothing then tell everyone who he really is. But try to make him do the right thing first.

I pm’d him regarding my string samples and he had this to say:

“I haven’t sended anthing to anyone yet, since my string making method takes to long and I have my own life. so I might start my string making business later but for now its down”

just give it time

Was yours a trade or were you just getting free samples? That makes a huge difference.

pffff. weak :-\

i traded 10 of my strings for his

He never sent me any Free Samples Sounds to me hes just lazy, and quite frankly pretty ignorant if he received Metal Man’s already.
If he cared about his own string company he would be out there, shipping samples and what not. Look at James’s string. He didn’t start too long ago and after some hard work on his part look where he is now.

Same happened to me except with free samples. i think it is easy to loose a batch of ten strings in the mail unless it is being shipped with something else.

unless sleaperguy is also a scammer. but it was free so i doubt that.