mlewis38 ~Approved x2

So forum member mlewis38 PM’s me one day. I thought “awesome another trade!!!” We exchanged a few PM’s back and forth and boy does he send PM. He has sent me some pretty long PM. I didn’t mind the length of the PM cuz it seemed more personal. As we got to know each other, i learned that he was scammed out of his first beloved yoyo. so i knew i had to do the right thing and agree to his offer. I wanted him to ship first due to the difference in our feedback. He asked me to ship same time due to a fear of being scammed again (i don’t blame him. i would have done the same if i was in his position.) But he said he understand if i didn’t feel comfortable about same day shipping, but in the end i did. I actually just got the yoyo :slight_smile: So in this transaction i did not only get to do a nice thing, get an awesome yoyo, but make a new friend.

~Johnny Approved

Oh snaps I traded strings with this good sir, and I have spoken with him over the phone. He’s got to be one of the nicest people I have met. He’s also a pretty legit string maker if I may say so. Though my trade was only 5 strings for 5 strings. I would trust him on bigger trades.

Mlewis38 makes epic looking string. i got a small batch of his new type of string as payment and the colorway is freaking sick. Black and green. His strings are great fro slacks and whips :slight_smile:

~Johnny Approved x2