J.A.M.S. Yo-Yo string nees people from every state states!

We need people from all the  states. Send me a PM with your state if your interested in a huge opportunity. More info for the ones who send a PM.

          Jake and Mazen

Pm sent, interested to see whats up

Sent that pm




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Tell us

I feel so special :]

Oops double post sorry

Oppurtunity hmm…

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that it is an opportunity to receive some J.A.M.S. string in order to promote it. Even if it isn’t, I’ve been hearing nothing but great things about J.A.M.S.'s strings, and if they do live up to expectations, I would be happy to give some out at IN states in a couple of weeks, because it’s nice to see a determined small business.

I got the PM, and it sounds like a something awesome, but I’ll definitely have to give it a little thought.

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The strings are great if u havent tried them. And its not really much you have to do on your part

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Yay! This is awesome :slight_smile: Only heard great things about these strings!

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this is awesome!

Great opportunity! Not only for yourself, but for the community and future prospects.

bump! Come on guys! SEND THOSE PMS! Great opportunity here! Not gonna say what it is, but Im just gonna say it’s not and is better than getting free strings :wink:

Are these J.A.M.S.???

Yellow/ green mix

Got in trade from jakob-austin

Colors vary cuz they can do any color mix that they have so im not sure… when did you trade?