Offical J.A.M.S. yo-yo string thread. ( Not a B/S/T only updates) Update 6/21/1


This is the offical thread for all of the J.A.M.S. news and up-dates ( this will be up-dated with each new happening)

TO everyone who was intended to get some free trial string, here is what happened. I sent out the string in envelops bundled together with a rubber band. They were all individually stamped, but the post office as i found out ( From my mail man) when they receive letters bundled together it means they are all going to the same place. They also weigh letters. Anything over 13 ounces has to be stamped to the correct weight. I was not aware of this. So all they letters were sent back to my house with voided out stamps.

Right now I dont have the money to buy all of the stamps again due to bills. So give me two weeks to get caught back up and the string will be shipped out with a few extra testers. I am so so so sorry for this mistake.

  • Jake Austin

*For everyone involved with jams please feel free to contact me on my personal facebook page because contact will be much easier because the messages are sent to my phone. Because Some days i will only be home for 20 minute to change cloths between jobs.






rubber duckie your the one you make bath time so much fun


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we is done here


I was wondering why my trial string hadn’t arrived yet… I’m glad you’re back on track!:sunglasses: