IYYO Contest Results

IYYO Results -

NY State Contest


3rd - Owen Atkins
2nd - Howie Chu
1st - Andrew Bergen

X Division

3rd - Richard Pickett
2nd - Andrew Bergen
1st - Jack Lester

IYYO - 1a

3rd - Yicheng Luo
2nd - Kengo Kido
1st - Shinya Kido

IYYO - X Division

3rd - Joseph “YoYoJoe” Harris
2nd - Tsubasa Onishi
1st - Hiraku Fujii

Awesome! And the other yoyoers are in Orlando, Florida to compete the world yoyo contest.

Happy Throwing! =]

YEAH! I was there!

Bergy won, that’s pretty awesome.

Iwas there totally awesome.

anyone know the preliminary results for the IYYO