Cal State Results?

I’ve been checking and while I see the prelim and finals order, I don’t see any of the results.

Also, I’m a bit confused on the finals order. There’s only one name in the 1A section, Gentry. Surely more than one person made it to the 1A finals since it’s the most popular style. Or am I completely misunderstanding the web site?

I did see some friends from the Sacramento YoLex club represented. Congratulations to Will Hahn who I know won something because I saw a picture of him with a medal around his neck. But does anyone know where the full results are listed?

No, they just haven’t updated the Website, Facebook, or anything else about the contest yet.

Courtesy of YYF FB


Thank you!

I see Will made 13th. Congratulations Will. I’ll be interested to see how he did in 5A.

I can’t believe that the organizers still haven’t posted the results. Isn’t that sort of the point of a competition? That’s pretty ridiculous.

Geez Gentry is just unstoppable lol


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Thank you Zorro.

It’s amazing that the website itself hasn’t posted the results.

Congratulations Will. I’ll have to go to the YoLex club gathering on Sunday just so I can congratulate him.

Wow! Paolo Bueno was muy muy bueno!!!