I was in search of a titanium throw and couldn’t justify the cost of a new one. After searching I reached out to Dave at iYoyo and he informed me they had some prototype tirrrox. What an opportunity for me, I was able get a titanium plus try iyoyo unique shape(always wanted to try hidra). Dave was extremely responsive and helpful and was able to get me a prototype from Germany in less than a week! I will post a review at some point, but I can tel u this thing is BA. I brought it to my local club yesterday and the super skilled players all confirmed it was an awesome throw. Iyoyo has thoroughly impressed me with this service and product. If this is a “prototype” I can only imagine what an a grade would be like…don’t hesitate to reach out to iyoyo at all! Great company!



That is really awesome! Can’t wait to see your review! :slight_smile: I’ve always wanted a titanium too, but can’t rationalize the price.

(InvaderDust) #3

Grab up a Vosun TiMe. Half the cost of most and holds up to most of them (ive read)

Thats super cool you get to give feedback on a prototype! Your like a beta tester. NEAT!!!


Like a post release beta test lol. It’s super awesome. Also, the rims aren’t polished so it looks completely raw. It’s an awesome player!