I have small hands, yet the full sized legacy, does not fill them up. Actually, The legacy feels undersized. So if a Legacy is full sized, then I cant imagine how big an 888x is, So, now I am in a dilemma. Will an undersized be good for my hands, or will I have to bite the bullet and shell out $100+ for a full sized yoyo?

Basically, what advantages does one size have over the other?

well obviously bigger yoyos are gonna be harding to maneuver through strings just because of its size, but other then that it doesn’t make that much of a difference. its mostly preferance, I’ve never thrown a full sized yoyo before, I just bought one so i’ll see how I like it.

well i am not sure i have the same question of which size and also which shape. my answer is to go to a contest and try out other peoples yoyos and see what i like and hopefully that will answer the question

but im not too sure that it will. i dont want to buy a yoyo and hate it because i didnt like something about it that would be awful!

MA states isn’t until February :’(

If you get something you hate you can just trade it for something you love, so don’t be afraid to get something.

A legacy is actually a big yoyo. the trinity and Dark magic are the same size, but other yoyos are smaller, like the tactic, wooly marmot, and the dingo (all good yoyos).
Hope this helps

all the fundametals are cheap and small. the thing is, 888x is undersized and i have been using a ministar. 888x feels huge now. because you have a full sized yoyo, that feels like the average right now and everything else is an extreme.