does size matter?

does it really? im looking at the 888 and the DNA. i noticed that size is what people debate about the most. I see that the DNA is a little bigger than 888, but only by about about .2 inches? Does it really make that much of a differance in the handling? Can you really feel the difference at all?
I dont own an undersized yoyo, so i have no idea.

You can defenently feel the difference.

yep, it may not seem like as much on paper but once its in your hand its a BIG difference

Oh yeah.

The DNA feels MUCH MUCH lighter than the 888.

Its all about preferance though :wink:

They really feel different in your hand.

Oh, and Sora ftw.

alright, then im guessing that since im comfortable with the DM’s, DNA would feel more comfortable to me?
but both are lighter than the DM…so the DNA would feel really light to me xP

haha kh was such a great game.

I find DNAs to play pretty heavy.

i thought it played light for its size but i still liked it

yeah I have a DM and a M1 and a hayabusa SL. All three are difference sizes but each has their own nifty quality. Depending on what I’m doing depends on what yoyo I’ll be using. You’ll find yoyo are different and it’s enjoyable. The way I buy yoyos are usually dependent on the eyes. If it doesn’t look good to me I won’t get it. I don’t really care much for the stats (mainly response types if anything). If you like the way a yoyo looks then get it. You’ll get use to it.