It's soo small!


Anyone else recognize this feeling when your yoyo come home to you?:wink:

(SR) #2



That your throw was smaller than you expected, sorry for I didn’t formulate correctly


Yeah, I get that feeling sometimes with my String Theory Singularity, It wireds me out in a way


MUST… RESIST… URGE FOR JOKE… sigh that was close one.

It used to happen to me a lot, but not anymore.




I6ify avatar’d it best…;attach=7617;type=avatar




I find sometimes the packaging and/or the method of shippng can make the item seem smaller than it really is. My Asteroid seems a lot larger outside of the cardboard tube, for example. In some cases, the yoyo seems like “how the heck did they cram that into the box” because the box is relatively small, such as in the case of my Essence.

The packaging is secondary. I do save my boxes though


For a second I thought the title sounded like from the movie Despicable Me…




Oh now i get it…


just got my clashcube last week (44mm diameter, 44mm wide), yes it’s small, I could wear it as a necklace actually


happened with both the GE and the AC for me when I got to try them the first time (I never bought a GE) and even though they are both like 54 mm (almost full sized) they both felt small, and the GE felt like it was actually quite undersized.


My Token feels ridiculously tiny, but its actually not that small.


is the token good?


It’s ridiculously good.


quoted for the truth


I felt that way when I got my mighty flea.