It's Official. I'm Stupid.

So, for some weird reason I felt like cleaning my bearing with water a week ago and lost my c-clip for one side. Then today I throw my yoyo and something feels different. It doesn’t make that whizzing sound consistently and I can definitely just feels weird. My guess is that it rusted but I can’t see any rust on it.

Re-clean it in some mineral spirits, or lighter fluid. Then lube it a little and try it out. It may just have junk in it.

Your not stupid though. You just did something stupid. There is a difference!

Sad thing is that I don’t have any and probably won’t be getting any. Losing that c-clip really bummed my out too.

Well I guess I’m a lot less stupid then I thought. :stuck_out_tongue:

Try to get the fluid from lighters and clean the bearing in that. Don’t just kep playing it. I’ve lost a bearing to that.

As for the C-Clip, I feel it plays better without them anyways. And they’re in no means neccesary, so its nothing to be bummed about.

Yeah most of my bearings are deshielded on both sides.

After you clean the bearing in water, you must let it dry completely. It might have some water left in it.

I’m sure I dried it.