It's finally here!

Okay so over the past few months I posted different stuff about a yoyo documentary I’ve been making on here and a few days ago I asked people what name I should use for the documentary, I ended up using Corli’s suggested name Throwland since most of the people thought it was a cool name.

So here it is, I present to you Throwland!

Really great job man.

It was quite enjoyable to watch.

niiiiiiiiceee. :slight_smile:

Sweet video!


But the subtitles are disappearing faster than it should’ve

Yea I noticed that but it had a set time of how long a subtitle could be you could make it shorter but not longer so :confused: otherwise I would have fixed that

Thanks man :smiley:

Hard code the subtitles. Problem solved.

I also wish it was downloadable. My connection sucks most days, I can’t watch it.

I did a 2 hour shadowcast and gave it a “sing along” treatment. It’s not a big deal.

I can make it downloadable if it helps for everyone :slight_smile:

okay you should be able to download it now :slight_smile: tell me if you can’t :slight_smile:

Great video!

That little kid is totally into it!

It appears to be downloading. I used vDownloader to get it earlier. Let’s see the download comes out better.

I watched the whole thing, I thought it was a really good documentary. The only thing you could have worked on was slower subtitles, I mean like 2-3 seconds longer would have helped greatly, other than that great video!


Yeah, the subtitles, hardcode them for the time being. Other than that, it’s got all the right stuff and done the right way, it wasn’t try or boring, but it does cater to a niche audience. This is more of a “yoyo insider” documentary" not one that’s good for “outsiders” to watch. But, it’s nice to see the yo in other countries.

1 World, 1 throw. Yo-yo.

I now know what I really need to learn to do well before next time :slight_smile: SUBTITLES!!! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

We all lear things a bit at a time. Best thing you can do is keep putting work out there and wait for commentary. Hopefully CONSTRUCTIVE commentary.

So, you’re doing good on the editing and composition. That’s key. So, now you have other areas to conquer.