Issues with string bunching up near bearing...

For me Dragon Strings are the greatest thing since sliced bread 99% of the time, but at some point during almost every string’s life I feel like it will constantly start to bunch up near the bearing. I vaguely recall reading somewhere that this is a result of decreasing the string tension by too much, is this correct? Any way to avoid this? I feel like the bunched string causes the yoyo to occasionally want to bind in spots it would never normally bind. It seems like after some time the string will stop doing this but it’s pretty annoying when it happens. I generally just untwist and retwist the bottom 3-4 inches of string to straighten it out, but when the string feels like bunching up it will do it again a few throws later anyway.

Give the entire length of string a chance to neutralize tension and see if that helps. If the tension is too high or bout high enough, the string is more likely to bunch up.