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“The process or fact of isolating or being isolated.”

What is an “isolation” in terms of yoyoing?

I would like to talk a bit about a concept that I feel we don’t see enough of in the yoyo world, and it would be nice to see more players experimenting with the concept.

Whether or not a player knows what an “isolation” is, said player has probably done some sort of form of isolation at some point.
An isolation is any instance where the yoyo remains stationary in one spot for a period of time, with motion occurring around it. The most basic example of this would be “Mach 5”.

However, isolation tricks go further than an isolated still yoyo with motion around it, as an “isolation” can also occur at different points on a string segment as well.
A great example of some of these isolation type tricks can be seen during Tamoya Kawasaki’s worlds AP routine seen here:

notably at 3:20, where we can see isolation of the yoyo, isolation around the freehand, and isolation around 3 changing points.
Isolation can be taken even further, with a large array of motion occurring with a centralized point, a great example of this can be seen in Ryan Gee’s recent video at 11 seconds.

I find that this concept of isolation is not used as much as it could be, and its understandable, as these sort of tricks do not necessarily “score” in a contest scenario very well. But the visual aspect of this sort of trick is very high, and its a sort of trick that also gets much respect from the non yoyoer eye.

Isolations are seen by many other fields and realms as a sort of “conjuring” and “manipulation” which is a very unique thing to bring to yoyoing.
I have been dabbling in this concept quite a bit recently, and have found much inspiration in these other realms.

I share these with you as you may also find inspiration to create such tricks.

Magnetic baton ^

Hoop and object manipulation ^

Contact juggling ^

Quite a bit of unique isolation material there for inspiration.

My hope is to eventually manage to create a full freestyle of unique isolation type tricks for showcase, and I hope that others might be inspired to create and further their own physical and spiritual expression through isolation.

For sure a concept that is worth a try in the least.





I’ll have to incorporate this into my next trick. Thanks for sharing this!

(Jei Cheetah) #3

Best of luck <3
Its a daunting concept that takes some practice at first, but once you figure out its mechanics, the creativity really can flourish!


It takes real skill to actually keep the yoyo truly stationery though, which may be why some people refrain from it because unless beautifully done, it doesn’t have the same appeal.

(kclejeune) #5

I do contact juggling… Isolations are amazing. I saw a video on them a while back lol

(Jei Cheetah) #6

I think we have many that are skilled enough, and willing to put the time in to making it look good.

(Owen) #7

I always called “Isolations” mach 5s lol

(UmeNagisa) #8

My most recent one is a John ando.Darrel Mitchell inspired
Slack isolation.
Ill film it eventually xD

(Jamesofyoyo) #9

Tutorial coming soon! I’ll teach you how to reed.

-James Reed


I always knew about this concept, but it honestly never occurred to me to try and use it. I’ll definitely try to make a trick using it. I’ll see what I can come up with. :smiley:


Incredibly cool concept. I hope to see it translate to yoyo as well as it has been applied to other skill toys.


The magnetic baton showed isolations very well!!!

As for jamesofyoyo ill be learning that trick if you post a tutorial. Looks like a lot of fun to do