Contact yoyoing


Okay, so the title is a little misleading.

In contact juggling, a lot of the time it’s meant to look like the ball isn’t moving, like your body is simply moving around it.

What I’m wondering is, what are some yoyo tricks that make it seem as if the yoyo isn’t moving (staying in essentially the same spot), and like the string and/or your body is simply moving around it.

If there’s any compilation or just performance video of this, I would love to see it.

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Mach 5 and its variations come to mind.


i dont think too many are out there… but Dr strange is associated with mach 5, and of course there are other variations to mach 5… ya just gotta get creative


Yea Mach 5 is like the only one… maybe you should try to create one? ::slight_smile:


You should watch JD, if you’re not familiar with his playing.


I’ve attempted arm grinds where I moved my arm to give the illusion that the yoyo is staying in place. Not sure how it looked from the outside though.


I’ve seen Augie Fash do a finger grind and iron whip around it. look up the Jason tapes. It’s pretty neat.


if im not mistaken, he calls that the decapitating cow trick


Well, not really what i was looking for, but still, very very cool.

I just looked up some videos. Yeah, that’s pretty much what I’m looking for. Looks really cool. Thanks.

Thanks guys.


There’s also a trick called MJ which used to be on Sector Y. I couldn’t find the tutorial for it (it’s one of the super old drawing/text ones), but if you manage to find it, it’s a pretty cool looking trick and if executed properly can have the contact juggling-esque look you’re looking for.


I’ve seen it done. It’s usually with offering yoyos.


The first trick that comes to mind is Mach 5. Gyroscope would be my next bet


I saw a grind on Steve Brown’s website where he keeps the yoyo in place and slides his fingers in and out of the gap.


Oh yeah I forgot about that one! I love that trick but I can’t think of the name for the life of me, and I’m too lazy to go through the whole website page by page to find it. It’s one of the way early ones though I can tell you that for sure.


i have my own version of thumb grind transfer where you use both sides of the yoyo and transfer it back and forth between both thumbs before it starts turning. looks like its not moving at all except for the transfer. if you do it smooth enough, it doesnt even look like its moving during the transfer.

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Grinding’s are probabbly the closest you could get.


First thing that comes to mind is one of Tommy Gun’s old tricks.


That’s the first thing I thought of too. lol


That was really cool. I could see him being able to repeat that trick a few times if he wanted to.