Original YoYo Trick: Locked Door (renamed)

The title says it all :smiley: what do you think?

Very nice trick and looks like a lot of fun. Maybe you could come up with a tut for this, but that’s up to you. :slight_smile:

Dude please make a tut this is a really cool trick and im digging it.MAKE ONE NOW

Great stuff! Nice blend of tech and big flashy moves thumbs up


thanks for the feedback :wink: i´ll see if i can make a tutorial if people are interested^^ never done one before though

Cool. But shouldn’t this be in the yoyo trick section.

Man the name is deceiving an isolation is when the Yoyo looks isolated from the string it’s usually in a part or all of the trick. Like what you see in Ryan gee videos like this one

Just thinking you might want to give it a different name but it’s a good trick.

ahh your right! completely forgot about that :smiley: renamed it, thank you :smiley: