Isolated Tranquility

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Comments, critism, etc.

Big shout-outs to seth trimble for some of the inspiration behind the video and the Heath of VSNYYC for making one of the best throws ive had the pleasure to play. I personally like how this one came out. I want to get into video making and editing more and the more experience the better. I didnt bother to go over some tricks as you can see some are a bit stumbled. No worries though.

P.S Yes i am watching Avatar the Last Airbender. It is the bestest caartoon ever and im excited for the movie to come out.

nice moves and your lefty you dont see many leftys

Try switching up backgrounds.
A room isn’t very exciting.

agreed 100%

when your filming all by yourself its hard to have a better background when its blazing outside and in the room I can rest the camera down

I know how you feel. I live in Socal.
you dont have a tripod? make one out of a lamp. the top of a lamp is the same as a tripod.

No tripod I just use my moms digital camera to record vids. I wanna make an outdoors video soon but not sure how it would turn out in quality

Lol I use a digital camera too.
It would turn out fine. as long as you make sure the lighting is correct and whatnot.

great video.

:languauge warning:

Anymore opinions?

Well are you going to go see the new avatar movie.
I am :smiley: ;D

cool video, needs new backgrounds and a new name… its kinda cheezy…

btw what the hell is that awesome trick at 0:53ish… cause its awesome and i want to see a tutorial on it… NOW!!! ;D

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