is yomega power spin a great looper?

is yomega power spin a great looper?

I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s better to go with a raider or NXG.

Its an ok yoyo to learn your basic loops on.
But when you get to more 2A tricks, it would be better to get some raiders or Sunsets.

The power spin is pretty much a fireball without the caps.
So its lighter, but the flips in the loops don’t come as easy.

Great to learn loops on cause it really forces you to do them right.
But after a while, its best to move on.


They can be great loopers though.
If you prefer a lighter looper than a Raider, they can be great.
The Bearing version used to be called the RBII, and Jennefer Baybrook won Worlds back in 1998 with them.
Personally, I think that Sunset NXG’s and Loop 720’s are the best loopers out there.
Still, Paul Han won 2a BAC last in 2008 with a pair of Speed Beatles he borrowed from a friend. (someone correct me if I am remembering wrong)

I personally don’t like them. :stuck_out_tongue:

it is crappy like all yomegas
thank goodness yye doesnt have yomega

As Pheenix said, i wouldnt recommend it. You would be alot better off with a NXG, Raider, Loop 720, Speed Beetle, etc…

Still people happen to win worlds with Yomega’s. Weird huh?


Yomega isn’t a bad company at all. They might not offer the higher end yoyos, but they do offer many options for the beginner to intermediate skill level.

The Raider (which is Yomega’s winning yoyo) might get competition from the Loop 900. It seems to me that Yomega is starting to lose their grip on the loopers. Both Pat, Ando and Saito left Yomega for the sake of YYF.

only throwing YoYoFactory from now on.