Is Whimsy's Poker Face Organic?


I’m not sure if this is quite the right place to ask this, but…

Would Whimsy’s new Poker Face yoyo be considered organic?

Also how is the yoyo in general? Does it play as good as it looked.

Also flocked looks really interesting, but does it effect play and is it hard to clean?

Thanks XD


Yes, it can be found in the produce isle of your local food market.

(major_seventh) #3

Nah it’s more of a rounded stepped V, like the Catalyst.


Most interesting that you say ‘nah’, since it says right in the YYE Whimsy product description, that it is an ‘organic shape’.

No real concern to me, since a lot of people seem to not quite understand yoyo shape categories.

I just thought I would tell ‘Someone’.

(major_seventh) #5

Well if you compare it to, say, a General-Yo Essence, which is organic, there’s a real difference.
I’m not saying it looks bad though. I really like the shape! :slight_smile:

(major_seventh) #6

Oh and I also wasn’t aware of that, just to let you know. I trust YYE’s decisions.


And I should let you know that I agree with your saying it looks catalyst shaped. Cuz it certainly does in that gap view.

Regardless of who says what about its’ technical shape category.


So it sounds like in general people do consider it mostly organic shaped. Though there is a slight v shape in it too. Thanks for the help!


Yup, saw 'em today amongst the other yum-yums.