Is this standard?

So, today at AZ states, I got a B-grade Avante Garde 2. I know what you’re all thinking. “Ohhh this is just another story about someone who got a bad b-grade”. Nope, actually I came to ask a question, so if you have the time, please keep reading. You might have some insight into this actually.
So, actually I very much like the throw. It’s very good. However, the thing I was wondering about is that there seems to be rings of black, tire-like material (Much like what a kickball is made out of, except the little squares made of lines are smaller, if that makes any sense.) There is four of these rings. They are in the cuts.
The “cuts” being the undercuts in the catch zone and between the rim and the chief-like circles that are raised from the hub if this makes any sense (It should make more sense if you look at the yoyo or a picture.) If you have any, and any at all, insight into this I would love it if you would post. I might try to get pics up later, but I don’t have a good camera. If you’ve read this far, thank you.
Edit: Pictures added below

Hard to say without a picture.

I’m trying to get a good one right now. I’ll try to have it up in like 10mins or less.

Yeah sorry, edited post, got excited and missed the last sentence. Doesn’t sound normal to me though. :-0

One thing that someone I asked theorized was that the throw was too light so they added the material in to add weight, but I’m not sure.

Never seen that before, but does it affect the playing of the yoyo? If not just do not worry about it.

Nope. It seems to play great. Just peaked my curiosity xD

That pretty weird… But it makes it unique. I am willing to bet that there aren’t to many of those around! :slight_smile:

Nope. I really love this thing, and for $25 it is one of the best yoyo purchases I have ever made.
It’s unique, I can probably get it engraved (It has no engraving on it whatsoever) and it’s like budder smooth :smiley:

For 25 bucks that’s an amazing deal, especially if it is smooth.

It actually makes it look pretty cool :wink:

it looks to me a little like Carbon Fibre, but from the picture it’s hard to tell for sure if it actually is

To me it seems to be some sort of rubber. I don’t think it is carbon fibre, but I’m not 100% sure.

It looks like Carbon fiber… I bet it’s some kind of stick on thing. If if bugs you try and pull it with tweezers…

Ask yyf they might know, ask on there instagram or

I plan on posting it on instagram and sending it to yyf. Honestly, I quite like the look of it and I just wanted to know if it was normal or what :smiley:

Things that end up in the B-Grade bins are not limited to cosmetic defects, sometimes they are one-off and oddballs of things they tried and couldn’t get to work. This looks like a cosmetic prototype where they were experimenting with adding carbon fiber rings to get a unique look in this particular model.

This is just a guess based on knowledge of how the folks at YoYoFactory tinker with their releases.

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Pretty cool if that’s the case. Probably took longer to make, more rare, looks cool, and B-grade price. OP is a lucky guy.

it could be masking material for anodizing or something like that?

Wow, good thing they didn’t release that “carbon-fiber” yoyo. That “cf” looks like crap!

If you’re gonna do it, do it right.