Is this forum built from wordpress?

(shubham) #1

Is this blog built from WordPress?

(Mk1 Yoyos) #2

It uses

(Jacob Waugh) #3



It was answered above

(Jacob Waugh) #5

I know I was just wondering if you had anything to add.


The URL is the best answer I can think of! Click it to learn more! :wink:

(shubham) #7

No. I was watching tutorials on wordpress. so I got to know that blogs are created from Wordpress and various themes are there. so I got the question is our free yo-yo forum created from it.


Ummm, it ain’t free. It’s sponsored by the YoYoExpert store. :radioactive:


The software is indeed open source and free – the computer server time to host it, and the time required for someone to set it up, is not though :wink:

(shubham) #10

good the community are used by various people like yoyoers,school people,gamers and more its helping them.

(Mk1 Yoyos) #11

It ends up being free because of all the yoyos you buy, though. :smiley:


You ain’t wrong, brother!