Looking for 1-3 people to help start up a Yoyo Blog

Hey fellow throwers! I’m looking for a few people to help set up a blog and run it based around yoyos! I’m in the process of setting up the design of the site and getting the actual blog run, but due to a busy schedule and the fact that I don’t hear everything there is about yoyos and people have different opinions, I’d LOVE to have some extra people who can post reviews, news, etc… about the yoyo world and run in along with me!

I want this site to be a mecha for all things yoyo, like a combo of HighSpeedYoyo and Yoyonews, though it will take time to get to that level of fame hahaha.

I’ve began the site’s design, with this logo:

If you’re interested, Pm me and I’ll be in contact. I’m currently working a summer camp, so with the exception of Monday and Tuesday, I’ll only be able to contact on the weekends. Just let me know, anybody of good age and maturity is welcome to participate in this.

While I think it’s a cool idea and one I’ve considered myself a few times, I think your time would be much better spent offering to help with YoYoNews or High Speed YoYo. The yoyo community isn’t big enough to need multiple sites all offering the same services (except stores and even that can become saturated). Contact Steve or Chris and see if you can contribute, in the long run that would benefit the community more. Why compete when you can just improve what’s already there. :slight_smile:

It’s not competing, I just want to do some things differently and enjoy running a site. It’s nothing against either site at all, love them! Just wanna do my own thing d that makes sense

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Sure it is, you specifically said you want to make a site that’s a combo of HighSpeedYoYo and YoYoNews so by definition you’ll be competing for the exact same audience which is a pretty small group of people. If that’s what you want to do, great. Good luck with your site.

I don’t want to compete. I want it to have some of the same things, reviews, news, etc… But make it original at the same time. It’s not really a competition, nobody has I choose between the 3. I want my site to have elements of a typical yoyo site but try to make it a bit more community based instead of global while still having some of those global elements in smaller styles. Similar but different. Me doing this is in no way wanting to compete with either site, that’s near impossible. But it’s a fun and interesting endeavor for something I love. Worth it 100%, for me and anyone who helps

Hey Chris, you know I’m down lol hit me up 985-335-0516…didn’t think u threw still