Is this already a mount/throw done at contests?

Okay, so basically what this mount is, is a 1a forward pass with an unresponsive yoyo but depending on your trick, it can be thrown as a 2a/regular forward pass or a 4a forward pass. What I mean by this is if you want to do a forward double or nothing (or turn to the side so it looks like a regular double or nothing), then you would have to do a regular forward pass but if it’s a trapeze, then you could do the same but to make it much more flashier, you could do a sudden 4a forward pass (aimed upwards a bit more.) If this isn’t a proper mount/throw, I think I will probably make a video about this and explain it. Thanks ;D

A video would definitely help. ???

I recall Hiroyuki Suzuki doing that in the past or something… He did a forward pass to get to a quick double or nothing so he can do Asian Pops.
I think Miguel Correa also did a tutorial on this on his website,

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Okay, sure.

lol I forgot to post my ‘Okay sure’ comment because I was making a video. I’ve already made one but I’ll show it to you anyway.

Wait, can you say which tutorial it is on Miguel Correa that you mean because I can’t exactly find any tutorials that match my trick/mount. Thanks ;D

Around 1:20 - Mickey’s freestyle

Miggy’s tutorial - it actually starts from a Breakaway but you can also start with the throw you said on your first post and get it to this point. There’s also Hop to Double/Nothing in that site.

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OHHH Asian pops variation
From a front throw

I first saw it in a video from Corli du Toit.

She does it a couple of times in the video. It’s a fun mount to do. I’ve experimented a little bit with it.

Like James Reed?

Yup Mickey has done it before but I’m pretty sure Miguel Correa’s instant double or nothing isn’t the mount I’m talking about.  I was going to upload the video  but it was going to take like 4 hours to upload and it was already 10 o’clock at night so I cancelled it.