Is this a good idea?


I recently bought a new breed and realized that the weight rings had black spots on them (oxidation, I believe). I gave it to my dad as a last resort to try to clean them off and he used his spit. I find that disgusting. So, would I be able to use antibacterial soap and water on the weight rings and celcon. I was told that the aluminum weight rings were raw.


It’ll be fine.


epic lol


Immediately take the yoyo into a Level 4 biohazard facility and have it irradiated. Then clean with bleach and Lyson. Then, to be safe, incinerate, seal the ashes in a 15mil plastic bag, 3 layers, heat and vacuum sealed, then place intoa stainless steel container. Coat the entire metal container with PVC, then drop into a chasm deep within the earth unless you can get to an active volcano.

Then buy a new one and don’t let people spit-shine your stuff anymore.

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No no. You must pay to fly it into space, all the way to a black hole where it will be lost for eternity.


I considered that option. I felt the volcano option was more economically feasible.


Actually, just hook it up to a drill and polish it with brasso first. That will remove the oxidation.

Then mothers polish with shine it up nicely.


In this case, it was dad’s polish. :o

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Take the bearing/axle out first! :wink:


Or just wrap it in a paper towel before chucking it to the drill.


So, despite all of the sarcasm, would it work/ not damage the yoyo? Yes or no.


Yes, it will be fine.

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