Is there gonna be another Yoyoexpert tournament?

I was wondering is there ever gonna be another YYE tournament? The first one I missed out on because well frankly I just stopped getting on here. Now that I’m getting on all the time I was wanting to know. later.
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The video tournament? Probably not, because Its been tough with this one.

In the final round, one of the people just isn’t submitting the video, no matter what I do.

I say we have someone else host it then.

why?i think samad is a great host!!!
and its not easy you know to host a tournament

Then just take his old vid :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, if you are thinking of hosting another tourny, can i help host it ;D :stuck_out_tongue:

first is over???

No, the other guy didn’t submit his vid yet.

I belive you are winning it if GariLi doesn’t sumbit a video really soon. I think Samad said three days two days ago, so you will probably win.

Addment: Team Rollout? Have you gotten sponsored?

Maybe we can work out a better system next go around. Also i recall André saying we might make it a real yoyoexpert thing with prizes and such.(That was when Samad and me where thinking about doing the first one.) But in the bits and pieces of the first tournament I though Samad was doing great.later.

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Prizes has been given out. And if we are making a new tourny, we should have a public bracket. That will keep everything organized.

I can finally get videos on now. Samad, it be great to have another tourney

I think we should let the current one finish first. Then we might make one. I don’t see a need to start all over again. THis time we will have a LOT more contestants though.

I really hope theres another one!

If there is another one, perhaps the person who sponsors it could run it instead?

Just a thought.

Well, dryoyo hasn’t been around so looks like you need another sponsor. I hope we can talk to him eventually.

He was in the chat last night. Also, hes on AIM

Really? He hasn’t been posting. We should have him post an I’m Back thread.

Not everyone has to be active on the forum. Just because they are here or not, doesn’t mean we need to acknowledge it :wink:

(Wait, did that previous sentence make sense? :P)

I’m just saying, a great person on a Forum; we can’t forget about him.