is there any throw similar to the discontinued peak or wooly marmot? ( Help )!!

please help i want a yoyo similar to those two discontinued throws similar in play and abilities which are awesome loved the peak, i want it similar in play to those but can do horizontal too any price is ok is there one please? only new stock here from yoyoexpert please help

Well, based on my readings, the Puffin is a modernized Peak, with the addition of stabilization (Chief) rings. The shape is very reminiscent of the Peak, but the Puffin is smaller and lighter.

I’m not too good at horizontal, so take this with a tablespoon of salt, but the Puffin would not be my first choice for horizontal. It’s not terrible, but the shape isn’t the greatest for horizontal, and the walls don’t seem to lend themselves too well to horizontal, but as I said, I am unexperienced in horizontal.

I believe it’s in stock here at YYE, but it isn’t really the most affordable throw around, but that’s up to you to decide.

Check out the yoyoskills review of the Puffin:

The peak? ILYY lynx. It’s just a tad more floaty, and plays just like the peak. It’s darn good.

The puffin is the modern day Peak according to Caribou Chris
As for the marmont, hmmm you might be able to find one on ebay or amazon.
The marmot was also based off the peak, but I believe it was just a tad bigger.
Either way, the puffin is what to go to

The Marmot bigger? It’s 4mm smaller if I do remember right!
Haha :slight_smile:

Really? A Lynx? Hmm… I’ll have to check into that.

The Puffin/Lynx and other organic shapes dont lend themselves to horizontal all that well as Big Cat stated. He’d be better off going for something low walled and V/H shaped, which in the case of CLYW perhaps the BVM2 would be the better choice.

In which case, It would suck, Since he can’t get the similar play.
Since, the Play/feel of the Peak is achieved due to the High wall. Which is what makes it not good at Horizontal.
The Puffin is decent at it.
The Lynx is… Its doable. But not the best.

Yeh that’s the unfortunate trade off that he’ll have to decide on. Horizontal performance .vs. organic peak-esc feeling…

So, Either go with a V shaped yoyo, and leave behind the Peak-esque feeling for Horizontal
Or Get a Peak-esque yoyo, and Leave behind Horizontal.

Sorry Yoyofreak!

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The Peak gets a lot of love on the forums but much of that comes from it’s place in history. I heard so much about the Peak, when I finally got a chance to try one I was underwhelmed. Compared to many recently released throws it ain’t that great.

I was under the impression that the Canvas was greatly influenced by the Peak. Specs and profile are quite similar, but haven’t tried a Canvas so can’t comment on play.