Something like a PEAK

I have sadly come to realise that the chances of me ever owning or throwing a CLYW PEAK are very slim.

So, I would like to know if there are any yoyos that are similar to the PEAK?

Anything that has a similar weight, size and shape. It would be cool to see if there is anything out there that resembles the famous PEAK.


I’ve heard dozens of times that the canvas plays very similarly to the peak. And wooly marmots are just little peaks (shape wise)
Not sure where you are, but at meet ups it’s not uncommon for there to be a few people with peaks. Plus they come up on the bst fairly often. Most usually 2nd run, but still. A peak’s a peak.

The ILYY Lynx plays closest to the peak that I recall.


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I have one and it feels very similar to the Peak. Don’t know why it’s so underrated.

Later run Peaks aren’t that expensive.

There is a Sebastian Brock edition peak on the bst right now. I think

This man knows the way.

Actually, no.  :slight_smile:
There’s a good deal of variation, especially within the most widely available 2nd run (2nd machine shop) Peaks. See the YYN history of the Peak thread.

Also, I did a pretty much the same topic recently and got some great recommendations:

And I can confirm that the Lynx and 2WEI are quite Peakesque.

The Canvas may share the Peak’s dimensions but plays pretty differently (and is a great yoyo in its own right).

Yup! Mine! Pm me.

Thanks for your advice everyone!

If I can’t get hold of a PEAK then that Kyo DNS looks very similar. Anyone know where I could get a DNS? If anyone doe know then just send me a pm to avoid any problems.

I wish I could go to a meet to try one out but I’m kinda in the middle of nowhere.
Also, I did a pretty much the same topic recently and got some great recommendations:

Sorry dude, I totally didn’t realise that you made a post before like this, I’m a dufus!

Haven’t seen a DNS for sale for a while.