Is There an AUSTIN TX Yoyo club?

Hi @YoArch

We’ll be having another mid August. I missed on planning one this month since I was out of town. I’ll post details here soon.

I’m gonna look into getting an indoor space since it will be hot out

We’re open to all ages and skill levels as long as anyone under 18 comes with a parent

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Would love to join for the August meetup! Been throwing for a bit now but recently got back into it.

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Hey all,

Planning the next meet for Saturday, August 19th from 4pm to 7pm. A little later in the day should help with the heat

Let’s do Comal pocket park again this time. I just haven’t had the time to explore our other options yet.


Looking forward to the meet next Sat! Who all is going?

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Hey, you all still meeting? I just moved in on campus. Looking forward to coming by sometime if possible

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We are meeting in 15 min actually, just stopping by for some kebab

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Damn, I saw this too late. Would’ve loved to be there. When’s the next one/do you guys have a schedule posted anywhere yet?

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Next one in Austin can be Sept 16. Generally going for a mid-month meet.

The San Antonio meet typically happens at end of month and get announced here

We also have an insta where we announce as well @alamoyoyoclub


Austin yoyo meet this Saturday, Sept 16!

Seems like the weather is cooling down so let’s get back to a 3 - 5pm.

Comal pocket park again! 300 Comal St, Austin Tx

I’m not married to this park but it’s small enough we can easily find each other and centrally located with some shade.

I was very lonely last month so I’ll list out whoever was interested in case you missed the post:
@arus @YoArch @Pankace04 @YotaroKuyo @liamodellbass @SML @Lilmoyoyo

Glad to see whoever can come out. See you there!


I plan on making it out this time

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I will try to be there if I can. I have COVID right now and don’t want to endanger others if I’m not well yet. But I hope to come

I would love to come but I also have covid and recovering so I probably won’t be able to come. But if I do have a recovery I might. Sorry I missed it

Yeah if anyone might have Covid don’t come please, but I look forward to seeing y’all at future meets

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Hey all, are we still on? May come out and join y’all, didn’t know if the weather changed things at all.

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As far as I know! I’m about to head that way soon, come out!

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I may be a little late but I will be there! Just have to eat some brunch and head over.

And yes please be responsible and don’t come with covid. We would rather catch you at the next one!

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Just gonna chance it in the rain. Doesn’t seem too high a possibility

Hope y’all feel well soon!


How’d it go? I’m sorry I missed it again, I considered saying ■■■■ it and coming anyway, but I didn’t feel like it was responsible to come with covid. I hope people showed up and I will be there next time whenever it happens again!

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Hey, yeah we had @YotaroKuyo and @liamodellbass come out. We had a chill time throwing!

Thanks for not coming out. I know it sucks to miss out, but we for sure will be having more of these. I’ll plan out the next one soon!

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Just a heads up.

San Antonio meet is tomorrow, 2-5pm at Phil Hardberger Park, behind the Urban Ecology Center at the tables.