Any Texas clubs/ throwers?!

I live in luling and work in Cibolo, so I’m in San Antonio and Austin frequently. Any clubs or groups out there!? Or should we start one?

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Looking for one in Fort Worth.

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Definitely seems to be easier said than done!

There’s a group out in Houston, a few in Austin, and a group in the DFW. For Austin contact Kyle Stewart (Offroad Yoyo), Houston contact Jamie (yojamjam) and Yiyang (Yoyofriendss) probably for the DFW. I’m in Abilene… All alone.


Looked at the DFW group and found no one had posted on their group for several years but will keep looking for a group in Fort Worth. Thank you.

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I would literally reach out to Yiyang. He would be the one to contact.