Yoyo Texas

I live in Houston and I only know a total of 7 people who yoyo. 5 of those people I literally just meet a few weeks ago at a kendama event we had. I started a Facebook group for all players that live in Texas. Join if you want to meet new player who are possibly near you or hear about upcoming events we may have for yoyoing/kendama.


Im from San Antonio but ive only throwing for around 3 months.

good meeting you guys!

RPFjuan Join the facebook group!

Alrighty! Just waiting to be accepted now.

hey rpf finding a good throwing group right off will definitely help you alot have fun

Oh yea for sure. Im hoping someone else from my city pops up

There’s like 6 people from San antonio that throw. Offstring strewart is one of them.

Really? Thats cool, hopefully I meet some of them one day.

I am looking for a yo-yo “master” to hire to work the room at a corporate party. The event will be at the House of Blues in Houston in February. Please let me know if you know anyone that would be interested in doing this.

El Paso, TX reporting

Probably the only person in El Paso who knows a yoyo trick, and I’ve only been at it about 3 weeks as well :stuck_out_tongue:

replied. interested.

I live about 25 minutes away from House of Blues.

see my profile for an email address to contact.

Hey! I am from the Arlington, Texas area. Does anyone else live in or around this area? please lemme know!

Yes, sir! Lone Star Spinners meets monthly (and sometimes more) in Grapevine.

YYE thread here: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,79094.0.html
Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lone-Star-Spinners/960462820637550

We may be having an informal meet-up in Dallas towards the end of the month. Next club meeting is 2/14. Hope to see you soon!

Del Rio tx. I’m in San antonio and San Angelo alot though. For both work and flag football

Plano, TX. Ever since February 14th, I’ve been going to the meetups regularly (but there’s only been 2 :P). The next even that’s happening is the Texas State Yo-Yo Contest in Houston, TX at a location called Space12, being hosted by Capes from Radical Seas :smiley: I’ll be competing there, so if you can make it we can meet each other ;D

Its in Austin! lol

Shhh, that’s what I said… XD