Any Texas Clubs?

Haha I have looked everywhere and can’t fine one ??? So I join ;Ded yoyoexpert forum to see if you guys are out there.

We exist, but we aren’t very organized. I want to start one, but i can’t find anyone who wants to.

Down, I live in Houston! I also own radical seas. :slight_smile:

Pm me.

Haha thanks now I now I’m not alone ignore I love in the woodlands if any of you wanna stop by Haha

Lol sorry for that grammar stupid auto word check

I’m in Katy, I know there are at least a couple more of us around the houston area.

South east!

Isn’t there a club named lone star throwers? Or was it disbanded.

Lone Star Spinners. And I think it was disbanded in 2008.

So I’m a little late haha. ;D

I live in spring near the woodlands! Haha we could totally hang out :stuck_out_tongue:

We should honestly get states together. Houston sounds like a great place to hold states. December isn’t good time for states

Hint hint!

Yea I live near shadowbend park in the woodlands Mug

it would be cool i live in the south west houston area

I live in San Antonio, but I visit family in Katy pretty often. I would be open to hanging out with any throwers in either area.

If anything ever comes of this, I would love to attend an event!

PM me if you are in San Antonio and want to hang out and throw - I want to get the SA Throwers organized!

I live near southeast Houston, if there’s a meet up PM me!

I am in the DFW area and have been out of the yo-yo world for some years. I used to work for Buzz-On industries and organized events for some time in the area. Wondering if there are still any throwers around here, if so send me an email at or on Facebook. Hope to hear from someone!

I’m in Dallas. We had a meet up or two in the Spring with about 4 of us, but didn’t keep it going (at least I got too busy with work to keep going, perhaps the others are still meeting). I’d love to start meeting up again.

I’m in Dallas. Definitely up for a meet up.

Nice I’ll text the group I’ve met with to see if we can get something planned. We met in Carrolton last time, but I think it’d be cool to meet in Dallas somewhere (better for me, hah).