Any Texas Clubs?

For DFW throwers (and anyone else who finds themselves in the area!): Lone Star Spinners (DFW) - Yo-Yo Contests, Clubs, and Events - YoYoExpert Forums

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For anyone in the DFW area, I run the University of Texas at Dallas Yoyo Club that meets twice weekly! Check us out on Facebook:

Hey guys thought I would say wats up. My names Juan and Im from SA, currently throwing a Maverick but ordering a Benchmark H next week.

The lone star spinners are back. We just had a meeting last Saturday. UTDallas also has a yoyo club. I wouldn’t mind the Texas state be in Houston or in Texas. We got radical seas, spintastic and yoyoplay in Texas. WE can make this happen.

I’m in the process of organizing now.

I’m shooting for a location in Austin during spring break of 2015. If I can’t get the locations that are good for us, I’ll look locally in houston.

I’ll keep everyone posted until I make an official announcement and start a new thread for the contest.