Anybody in the central Texas area?

Looking for throwers near the Dallas area. Wanting to start a club in the near future, and we can see where it goes from there.

So who’s out there?

Just moved here! Super busy with work most days and some weekends, but might be able to squeeze in something Saturdays every once in a while. I’m in Bluffview over by Love Field airport.

Hi… Carrollton here…

i thought Central Texas was… you know the hill country west of Austin.

I, and radical seas are houston based!

Cool, I’m in the Sugar Land area

Houston here. Looking to chill with other throwers. Me and a friend film downtown at various spots, anyone who wants to get in feel free to msg me

A link to one of our vids with a skyline you guys might recognize

I’m in Dallas! I’ve been throwing for a little over a year and I was actually thinking of doing the same! I just do t know a whole lot of people who yoyo in the area…

Where do you guys usually meet up, if you don’t mind me asking?

i’m sending you a pm …

I’m up north in Denton. Been throwing about 6 months and am pretty proficient. Would enjoy hanging out and learning from people who’ve been at it longer. I’m at the college so I got plenty of time on weekends to get around the Dallas area