Is there a yoyo club in New Mexico?


I was just wondering. I’ve been in NM for 6 months and haven’t seen or heard much.


Any yoyoers out there. Don’t tell I’m alone here.


Don’t worry you’re not the only yo-yo player in New Mexico. I have a contest in Farmington, New Mexico on Saturday, July 6th. There’s a post on this part of the forum. It’s sponsored by Duncan, Yomega, Vulto, YoYoFactory and MagicYoYo.

I’m not aware of any official clubs in NM. I have heard there are some players that meet up with the UNM juggling club.

  • Luke Renner


It will be the first contest I’ll attend. What are they like?


I’m sort of an intermediate beginner is there a bracket in which I could compete?


I’m throwing here in Albuquerque, and I’ve also been looking for a club. I found one other person, but he said he quit and that he’d be rusty.


I’m in NM. I’m in Santa Fe. Wanna hang?


I’d totally be down to hang out. I work a lot, though, and I’m usually only free on Sundays.


I’ll pm you about it.