Anyone here in Albuquerque, NM??

By chance, by any, any chance, is there anyone on here from Albuquerque, New Mexico?? No, not Mexico, new Mexico is actually a state here in the USA. Most people always think that is just a blank spot on the map between Texas and Arizona… Lol. So if there’s anyone on here from alb., please post!

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There is a contest/meet-up coming up in Farmington, New Mexico on July 5th. I’ve attached a flyer please post on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or any other social media sites for players in your area. The winner two years ago came from Albuquerque and then last year it was a player from Santa Fe.

cool man, thanks for the info. do you by chance have a link or info on where at and what time it will be at in Farmington?

There is the information of my site I also have the Yo Down Show Down post on this board with more information. Here is some quick information:

The Yo Down Show Down yo-yo contest is a continuously ran contest for the last 10 years (this year is the 10th). The contest is a pretty relaxed event to promote the “Art of Yo!” in the area and encourage more people to start string slinging. We have had participants from Las Cruces, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Colorado and Arizona attend in the past. It takes place at the E3 Children’s Museum (302 N. Orchard Ave., Farmington, New Mexico) and coincides with an Ice Cream Social which is part of the area July 4th Freedom Days events. This year it will fall on Saturday, July 5th at 1:30. Sponsors include YoYoFactory, Yomega, Duncan Toys, and MagicYoYo. There is no cost for participants to enter the contest and it is open to all ages.

sweet man! thanks for that info. I never knew there was a contest help up there since Farmington is kinda small. I figured one would be held here in Albuquerque where I live but I haven’t seen anything since I was first yoyoing in the late 90’s.

on average, about how many people would you say enter the contest?

The last contest outside Farmington that I remember was the 1999 NM State contest. Which was held at the Coronado Mall. I drove up from Farmington and made it into the finals and would have needed to stay another day to compete. The contest took place around Christmas and I headed back to be with family. This is the last time I’m aware of that anything was held in NM.

We have one player from Arizona that won and went on to compete at the National Contest and win another contest in Boulder for 5A. This was his first contest. I have been fortunate to have some great prizes for the contest provided by YoYoFactory, MagicYoYo, Duncan and Yomega. I’ve attached an image of some of the Glides to be awarded this year courtesy of Yomega.

The contest in Farmington is small and I work on growing it each year. A TV spot started airing for the event on NBC a few weeks ago and flyers went out to the schools. I had a couple of shows about a month ago and mentioned it to audiences in Colorado and New Mexico. I’ll also have two workshops before the contest. I’m hoping that will encourage more players to compete or come out and meet other players. There are other players scattered around in New Mexico just a lot of distance between towns and cities. My goal with the 10th Yo Down Show Down is to promote the “Art of Yo!” in New Mexico.

I’m here throwing in ABQ.


Hey hiro6543 and girlzyoyo, I hadn’tbeen on for awhile but am getting back to being active on here again. Please respond back asap as I’d like to meet some other yoyoer here in abq since I feel like I’m the only one…




Hey, glad to see you finally logged back on! I replied to your post as soon as I came across it.


Really, Sundays are the only good days to hang out for me if getting a club together is your intention. I know a few other folks who throw, but they live in the mountains. Nice couple, though!

Cool. So how old are you and what part of town you on?

I’m 27 and I live in the NE heights.

Cool man. I’m 28 and use to live on the eeast side, but moved to Westgate area earlier this year. Man, it’s cool to finally learn that there’s actually others here in Alb that like to throw! Geez, I swear I’ve never seen anyone yoyoing here since like 1999! Lol